Chain maintenance

Your bike chain is one of the most important parts of your bike, it is probably the part that works the hardest when going out for a ride since it’s transferring the energy from your legs to your rear wheel. Therefore looking after it and keeping it in good working condition is essential.

Guide to setup tubeless tyres

It can be very daunting to let go at your inner tubes since this is the only thing you might have ever known. But trust me when I say that once you'll have tried a tubeless setup you will never go back. Even for my commute tyres I do have this setup and, on many occasions it saved me when I went over some broken glass.

Speed for fixing punctures - yes they do still happen but rarely - is unmatchable. 

What to take when going bike-packing?


Must Haves
* The right mindset - nobody said this was gonna be easy :)
* Gravel/Mountain bike with knobby 38mm+ tyres. If running tubeless, ensure sealant.
* Route map on head unit
* Head-unit charge cables with battery pack
* Water carrying capacity of around 3L